How it works

We understand that a data infrastructure should deliver services driven by the differing needs of multiple communities. The following process outlines how DSaaP can enable a positive and userful user journey for two of those communities: a typical data researcher and, from a different perspective, a data producer.

We have partnered with Amazon Web Services to develop a world-class hybrid cloud infrastructure. See for their viewpoint on DSaaP.

For Researchers

Find and Explore

Quickly identify the data you need through the strong search capability and rich semantic metadata that goes down to variable level.  Our universal query enables search by time, geography or concepts across all of our data, from any source.


Uncover a richer set of connections than are currently possible in most platforms. Reduce the need to download multiple unnecessary datasets by using our ‘drag-and-drop’ functionality to guide you through possible linkages between datasets.


Quickly and easily generate rich graphical representations after you have created your bespoke data product – from a comprehensive and industry-standard gallery of data widgets, from scatterplots to heatmaps to choropleths.


Advanced users can perform modelling and scenario-based analyses and machine learning experiments by migrating your project into big data tools through support from our team.

Re-Use the Data

Choose what you do with your data. Download your data product in a variety of formats, share it, cite it, re-deposit it with the UK Data Archive. We ensure the value in your research stays valuable, by taking care of the security and the reproducibility of your project.

For Data Producers

QA and Privacy

You and no-one else should be in control of access to your data. When you deposit your data with us, you set the licence, access and disclosure controls you want from our dashboard and we apply them at dataset, file or even column level. Our new QA tool chain rapidly identifies any issues with the data and our team of ingest professionals fix them.


We ingest data in a variety of formats, (SPSS, CSV, TAB, DDI and others) from a variety of sources (files, websites, network devices). We break up and transform the data into a “graph”, essentially a network of interconnected data-points at huge scale. Whether social science, energy or biomedical data, at the physical level, it no longer matters. In DSaaP, all data is just data so your dataset gets more transparent exposure to researchers.

Semantic Enrichment

DSaaP adds the value that your dataset deserves, making it more discoverable and more secure. In addition to the metadata you provide, we enhance this graph of information, through digital curation and the use of machine learning to apply consistent ontologies from multiple disciplines, which can include thesauri, statistical classifications and geo-spatial structures. After enriching and harmonising the data we fine-tune the privacy controls before the data leaves the factory – down to row and column level if appropriate.

Find and Explore

You want to maximise exposure of your data, but only to the right people. Data is only discoverable by humans and machines within an ISO standard security framework, where you set the parameters. Cutting edge privacy engineering means that linkages are always strictly controlled.


Researchers want to use your data in a variety of ways, either through simple visualisations or through more advanced analyses that generate new data products or by just downloading the original datasets. Stay informed with who is using and citing your data from our real-time dashboard, or sign up for notifications.